Praise for Eric Byrd Trio

Washington Post“Throughout his trio’s concert at the Kennedy Center, Eric Byrd sounded as if he were strolling through a southern town, taking in the spiritual sounds of the church house one moment and the earthy rumble of the roadhouse the next. Rousing gospel-tinged chords and trilling blues runs are fundamental elements of Byrd’s piano style, along with the principles of swing and bop, and he used these techniques to expressive effect throughout the concert.”

-Mike Joyce, music journalist, Washington Post

Cadence“Byrd is an accomplished improviser who prefers to keep the melody in the foreground, deepening and reinforcing it with tasteful single-note runs and the occasional chordal enhancement.  He’s also a first class writer, contributing his own compositions which are impressive enough to abide without remorse alongside jazz classics.”

– Jack Bowers, reviewer, Cadence Magazine

music_monthly_2005“This (CD) is wonderful.  If you love jazz and people who really know their instruments, you will really like this music.  This is not leaving my CD collection.  It is pure jazz and it smokes.  My mind has been changed.  Refreshing to say the least, this is what music is.  Eric is an outlandish pianist.  Alphonso Young, Jr. is what jazz fundamentals are all about on the trap set.  Bhagwan Khalsa is basic, pure.  Together they make something that makes life much better for hearing…”

-Susie Mudd, editor, Music Monthly Magazine

Cadence“Eric Byrd hints at his gospel background just by his song titles and shows it in the first track, “Sunday Mo’nin’ Chu’ch”, a rollicking piece of Bobby Timmons-style gospel Blues that the trio swings manfully.  On standards like “Get Happy” and “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams” he plays in a more mainstream style but always with a touch of down-home soul present.  On “Nanami” he switches gears again and uses the hard and fast attack of McCoy Tyner.  On a few tracks Byrd even sings in a decent soulful tenor voice with Paul Carr’s sax adding some R&B grease.  The CD climaxes grandly with “We are One’ where Byrd works grandly with a quasi-African melody, a children’s choir chants, and Carr whips around of high-Flying soprano sax.  This is an impressive first statement for Eric Byrd with a strong sense of soul and divine inspiration.”

– Cadence Magazine

cdbaby-music-store-logo“For foot-tappin’ bebop that grabs you by the shirt collar and won’t let go, this is about as good as it gets.  The Eric Byrd Trio will hold you prisoner, overtake and possess you!”


Mike Stern“Your CD sounds great and your drummer swings his butt off!  This is good enough to be sent to all the major labels.”

-Mike Stern, 9x Grammy-nominated jazz guitarist

Dennis Chambers“Man, that thing really swings!  Why don’t you write a song and have me play on it?”

-Dennis Chambers, world-class drummer