Bhagwan Khalsa, Acoustic Bass

Bhagwan Khalsa is a disciplined, highly-regarded, and sought-after acoustic bassist. The list of musicians he has performed with is quite extensive: Sonny Fortune, Gary Thomas, Cecil Payne, Paul Bollenback, David “Fathead” Newman, and Kenny Drew, Jr., are just a few to employ his impressive musical talent.

After completing studies at the prestigious Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, CA, Khalsa has continued to forge a successful sideman career for the last 20 years, and his original arrangements are essential to shaping the sound of the trio. He co-owns B&B Music Lessons, a company that provides music education to the Mid-Atlantic region.

15 Questions for Bhagwan Khalsa


1. Why bass?
2. Why jazz?
3. Why the heavy gospel and blues influences in your style of jazz?
4. What jazz artist do you revere most?
5. What is your favorite jazz recording?
6. What is the best live jazz performance you've ever witnessed?
7. Who is the living jazz artist with whom you'd most like to play?
8. What is the jazz venue you'd most like to play?
9. What is your best piece of advice for young jazz artists?
10. What is your favorite quote by a jazz artist?
11. What is your favorite EBT recording/song?
12. What is your favorite EBT live performance?
13. Why Al?
14. Why Eric?
15. Why The Eric Byrd Trio?