Nate Lanzino Added to the Trio Team


Sound Technician Nate Lanzino is now the touring sound man for the Eric Byrd Trio.  For most concerts performed by the band, Lanzino will now be the person behind the mixing board.

“It’s just an added luxury that makes sense for where we are in our career.  We want to play as best we can for audiences.  Likewise, we want to provide the very best in terms of musical presentation.  Part of providing our best is giving crowds good sound.  It’s incredibly frustrating to play and sing well – only to have the sound be of poor quality.  Nate will give us great, consistent sound.”

Lanzino has been active in recording studios for over 10 years.  He’s mixed major and small productions all over the country.  He is now apart of the EBT team.

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