EBT + Divine Order Studios & Allyn Johnson = NEW STUDIO RECORDING

The Eric Byrd Trio have reached an agreement with Allyn Johnson and his Divine Order Studios to record their new project, “20” this July.

“What can be said about Allyn Johnson?  He is the consummate musician, probably the best pianist in this or any other area,” says Eric Byrd.  “He has always been a standard to shoot for.  We kicked around the idea of recording in NY but with the current world situation, that ruled itself out.  I played with Michael Bowie recently and he couldn’t stop talking about Allyn’s studio Divine Order.  So, we started talking and we locked in details pretty quickly.”

Divine Order Studios is owned and operated by Johnson who, as well as being the consummate musician, is also a trained audio engineer.  Johnson seems as eager to work with the band as much as Byrd is eager to work with him.

“By far the most challenging thing will be for me to forget he’s behind the glass when the red light comes on!  But I know his critical ear will push me to be a better pianist because of his unique perspective.  The record will be even better because of him,” Byrd says.

“20” will follow their critically acclaimed last release “Saints Still Marching” released in 2017.